Inspired by the island´s multicultural population and the versatility of the Balearic sound, O.M.M. Sounds has always been open to a wide range of musical styles, as long as the music had a certain depth and quality. The label has played a significant role in the growing success of the early Café Del Mar compilations when it released four tracks on CDM Volume 5, which made the leap from selling 50.000 copies (of predecessor CDM Volume 4) to 500.000 copies. Co-operations with musicians like Native American Grammy Award winner Joanne Shenandoah, New York´s own Gram´ma Funk, the Austrian piano legend Friedrich Gulda, Spanish guitar mastermind Paco Fernandez, the “voice of Café Del Mar” Cathy Battistessa from the UK, Russian Acoustic-Ambient innovator Denis Stern or the outstanding Cuban singer Raul Paz amongst many more, have lead to the musically challenging and trend-setting reputation of the label. O.M.M. Sounds has worked together with all of Ibiza´s DJ legends and godfathers of the Balearic sound such as José Padilla, DJ Pippi, César de Melero and Alfredo. The imprint´s innovative approach has not only lead to common projects with international top producers like DJ Dmitry (Deee-Lite) and Hollywood director Barbet Schroeder, but has also attracted the interest of brands like Vodafone and Victorio & Lucchino, which used O.M.M. Sounds music for several of their campaigns.

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